Mind Mapping Suggested Reading List

1) "Use Both Sides of your Brain" by Tony Buzan ISBN 0-452-26603-3.  This is a highly recommended and is available in paper back .

2) "How to think like Leonardo da Vinci"  by Michael Gelb  ISBN 0-385-32381-6.  This is available in both paper and hard back.  HIGHLY recommended.

3) "Brain Book"  by Peter Russell  ISBN 0-452-26723-4.  This is a good read and available in paperback.

4) "The Mind Map Book" by Tony Buzan with Barry Buzan ISBN 0-525-93904-0.  Available in both paperback and  hardback and is highly recommended.

If you only bought one book I would recommend the da Vinci book.  It is great.  And you will enjoy it also.  I think order of purchase would be 1 and 2 for sure, 4 if continued interest and 3 only for reference to others.