Simulation Model Experience

During nearly 37 years experience, Mr. Johnson has developed and applied various simulation models for use in the analysis of the electric power system. 

From 1976 until 1998, Mr. Johnson was actively involved in the development, use and support of the PROMOD IV® Electric Power System and Simulation tool. 

Simulation model development included:

§         basic economic unit commitment and dispatch,

§         multi-area transmission limited dispatch,

§         hourly pumped storage dispatch,

§         hourly transmission flow,

§         hourly linearized transmission models for use in economic dispatch,

§         fuel allocation optimization,

§         fuel inventory optimization,

§         short and long term load forecast,

§         generating unit outage scheduling with constraints and market interaction,

§         fuel transportation and allocation, and

§         GENCO model for use in risk management analysis.

Experience includes business and software design, software development, project management, comparison and contrasting various models and the ultimate application of these models to support business decisions.



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