Samples of Mind Mapping

Below you will find several examples of Mind Mapping.  Mind Mapping is a personal way of taking notes, recording information, and preparing thoughts, ideas and presentations.  Because they are personal, some may not be completely clear to you.  Just as your personal written notes may not be clear to me.  You should however get most of the ideas of each MM.  Hopefully, the MM will provide a clearer, more comprehensive view and easier way of capturing information.  We hope you enjoy reviewing these samples.

Mind Mapping Overview - an overview of what a mind map is, applications and uses.

Applications - a brief summary of some of the most common applications of MM.

Client Profile - a template for profiling a client.

Meet Agenda - a template of how a meeting might be conducted and pre-planned.

Phone Call - a template of information that might be captured during a phone call.

Problem Solving - a template of how a problem might be approached and solved.



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