Project Management

Software Development

Project development experience include the development of the following software applications:

         shadow settlements of RTO market charges

         GENCO model for use in risk management analysis

         multi-area transmission limited generation dispatch,

         hourly pumped storage dispatch,

         hourly transmission flow model,

         hourly linearized transmission models for use in economic dispatch,

         fuel allocation optimization,

         fuel inventory optimization,

         short and long term load forecast,

         generating unit outage scheduling with constraints and market interaction,

         fuel transportation and allocation and

UK Electric Capacity Market Metric

Managed a team of software developers, business analysis, third party consulting firms, government workers from the United Kingdom to develop a half-hourly metric used to measure the relative value of capacity in the UK electric power system.   System was developed under very critical time lines with many interested parties attempting to change the direction.


         Market Readiness Assessments for Participants in the MISO

         Economic Evaluation of non-utility generator facilities

         Gulf States and Entergy merger analysis

         Market power analysis of a proposed mid-Atlantic power system,

         Implications to operations to the NY power pool and its member companies resulting from the commitment to non-utility generating contracts

         Pacific Gas and Electric analysis of energy payment to non-utility generators.  Additional PGE work included analysis of geysers and their economic value under various operational plans.


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