Improving Your Business through Better Mental Literacy

We offer a two-day workshop that is designed for the professional and business community.  The session provides proven approaches to improve productivity, creativity, organizational skills and communications.   During this session you will:

§         learn how to tap into more of the creative and problem solving aspects of your brain,

§         learn to effectively use brainstorming to solve problems, create new business ideas, develop marketing plans, and reach more customers,

§         learn to organize your thoughts and presentations into an organic form that is “brain friendly”,

§         learn why people are afraid to speak out in meetings and how to unlock more of their creative ideas,

§         understand how to go about unlocking intellectual capital within you and your employees.

The session will cover the basics of Mind Mapping, a method of recording ideas, notes, brainstorming sessions and presentations that was developed by Tony Buzan.  The session will also cover “mental literacy” and radiant learning.  The session is given in a workshop environment with students actively participating with realistic exercises that are directly related to their business environment.

The session is offered by Ken Johnson.  Mr. Johnson has 30 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies mostly in the electric power production field.  He worked in the U.K. during the privatization of their electric system, has been involved in the merger of Entergy and Gulf States Utilities, performed operational analysis in states from California to New York to South Africa.  While working at EDS he became a Buzan Center certified instructor of Mind Mapping.  Mr. Johnson has taught Mind Mapping at EDS, local high schools, civic groups and private individuals.

The other most common offer is for a one day session that focuses on mind mapping, unlocking intellectual potential and brain storming.

We also can customize the our session to meet your specific requirements.

Sessions work best when attendance is maintained between 16 and 22 participants.



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