RTO Market Settlement

RTO/ISO market systems involve many charges and credits for active participants.  Some charges are extremely complex involving numerous parameters based on the market participant actions, market data, and business protocol.

Understanding and reconciling those charges can be time consuming and confusing.  The need to understand and reconcile the charges is part of the fiduciary responsibility of the market participant to their stockholders.

Beyond this responsibility is the opportunity to understand the implications on profitability from a pro-active planning and strategy perspective.

Application of best business practices, implementation of tactical strategic and maximizing return on investment in assets can be improved by better understanding the implications of settlements from an operational practice.

Mr. Johnson has direct experience in the Midwest ISO (MISO) settlement practices, and has developed tools to analyze and reconcile settlements for PJM, IESO (IMO),  NYISO and ISO-NE.


With this knowledge and experience, Mr. Johnson can provide assistance in understanding the settlement process, the impacts on operations and development of bidding and market strategy.  Business consulting services on a variety of settlement related activities include:

                     Training and consulting on settlement of various markets

                     Assistance in designing and developing tools to simplify settlement reconciliation and analysis

                     Settlement impact of various Bidding strategies

                     Pro forma settlement analysis of selected business strategies

                     Training, strategy and business processes analysis





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